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Your Peer, Your Support, Your Resource

Peer support is provided by peers, for peers. It’s a system consisting of individuals with similar experiences who encourage and assist each other on their path towards healing.

Founded on key principles such as respect and shared responsibility, peer support is based on the belief that people who have faced and overcome adversity can provide useful support and mentorship to others facing similar situations.

We are here to listen. Reach out to us at (289) 212-5586 (call or text)

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We offer support free of charge.

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We know what you are going through.

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Worried about virus exposure, security, future, family?

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We are here for all funeral staff around the world.

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We will connect with you within 24 hours.

Funeral Professionals Peer Support provides a healthy outlet to debrief and meet other people who can relate. This allows everyone the opportunity to feel connected, validated and understood in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

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Our Mission is to be the leader in providing resources for the wellness of funeral professionals; to share our personal experiences, educate and advocate; and to foster a network of peer support groups across the world.

More than a lot of professionals, we are like a family. In our peer support family, we reach out to those who are struggling and give them the support they need. We are that brother or sister that always has your back.

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We are thankful for the support of our sponsors and friends

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Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia.

If you want to support our cause, a donation is welcome: [email protected]

Funeral Professionals Peer Support operates on a NOT-FOR-PROFIT basis and is not publicly funded. We offer free support to licensed, non-licensed and retired Funeral Professionals worldwide.

*Disclaimer: We are not licensed therapists or counselors.